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In the world of industrialized mass production, it is good to know you can still produce things from home. Brewing kits provide this liberation from the macro beer consumption circuit while still giving you everything you the ingredients you need to successfully master a new ale, lager, stout, or hefeweizen, or any of the dozens of different beer configurations. All of these formats follow a few general rules that follow from the kits. The process of beer making has a few necessary components such as a starch source, hops and yeast. At the end of the day, other ingredients like water and sugar are added, although sugar is not always added due to the desired outcome of the beer.

Even thought you shop for awhile, you decide on the type of beer you want to brew, the brewing kits you picked won’t have certain necessary supplies. There are several steps to the overall brewing process that require several large pots for cooking, cooling, and everything in between. The exact size of the pot is relative to the amount of beer you’re attempting to make. Because of the specifications of the beer brewing process, the entire batch must be kept together throughout the process. To make a moderate amount of beer, you’re going to need large utensils for stirring and large pots. These units need to be heavy duty enough to handle the smaller scale commercial production that will occur.