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Beer Brewing Kits
Beer brewing kits provide the investor with the bare essential ingredients as well as a detailed list of instructions with temperatures and times for the various brewing processes that are involved.

Brewing Equipment
Brewing equipment is commonly used in two different fields with respect to home brewing and micro brewing processes and the almost completely different items in their construction.

Brewing Kits
Brewing kits are notorious for providing simple ingredients in a condensed one stop shop format so that the brewer can begin almost immediately, although common ingredients like water are omitted.

Brewing Supplies
Common brewing supplies include the pots, nozzles, pipes, plastic cables, temperature gauges, and for the more avid brewers hydrometers, all with the intent of accurately replicating the brewing process.

Brewing Systems
Brewing systems van  vary from the mid-scale micro brewing systems to the smaller scale three tier ten gallon systems, but both have the hope of producing a pure product from the innovation of the brewer.